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Kojo London Lounge Vibes

Kojo Abudu
Kojo London Lounge Vibes

This playlist is a compilation of my favourite tracks, which bring together the best of house, hip hop, R&B, dance and funk. The tracks all feature groovy rhythms, strong baselines and dreamy melodies, which most people associate with a lounge ambience. Admittedly, most of these songs are produced by the brilliant Kaytranada (whose sophisticated genre-bending sound has created major waves in the music industry) but other noteworthy artists have been featured, including the likes of GoldLink and Young Franco. Please note that I've also included an additional Soudcloud playlist with three amazing Kaytranada remixes. 

Track listing

  1. One Too Many - Kaytranada
  2. Messenger - Potatohead People ft. Sorceress and Mosaic
  3. At All - Kaytranada 
  4. Colours of Freedom - Tom Misch ft. Bearcubs 
  5. Kaleidoscope Love - Aluna George ft. Kaytranada
  6. Bedtime Story - GoldLink
  7. Honey - Katy B ft. Kaytranada 
  8. You're The One - Kaytranada ft. Syd
  9. Drop Your Love - Young Franco ft. Dirty Radio
  10. Liquorice - Azealia Banks 
  11. Put My Hands On You - Dean ft. Anderson .Paak
  12. Spectrum - GoldLink
  13. Don't U Want Me - Young Franco ft. Blair de Milo
  14. 1991 - Azealia Banks 


  1. If (Janet Jackson)
  2. Cranes in the Sky (Solange)
  3. Flippin on You